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January 2016

Is anyone listening - how are our experiences of health services being used to improve care quality for others? Live tweetchat Wednesday 13 January 19:30.

In modern business we are constantly being told how important it is to hear from the customer. We are told are opinions matter, and that it is easier than ever to share them. No more premium rate phone lines or searching for an email address. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are becoming online portals where people can give instantaneous verdicts on the service they have received.

Inevitably health is no different. Patient experience feedback is seen as an essential tool in improving care quality. At the individual level this happens on a daily basis. A doctor who takes the time to listen to a person telling their own story may support the patient to make the most appropriate treatment decisions as a result.

Yet what about changing care quality across an organisation? Patient experience is being collected in many different ways and it is not always very clear how it is being used to deliver improvement. At a national level there are tools like the Surveys programme that can provide insight into how an organisation compares to others. Yet there may also be locally commissioned activity, information collected via a provider’s social media pages or an organisation’s complaints procedure.

How is also this information gathered? And what weight do you give to information from one source compared to another? Is it seen more or less important than traditional performance indicators?

We want to learn more about how local providers and commissioners are making use of patient experience feedback. We feel there is a great deal of excellent work undertaken at a local level that doesn’t always get shared, and that would be a huge benefit to other areas who want to do more with the information they have but perhaps don’t know where to start.

We hope you will join us in a live tweetchat hosted at @oxprimarycarefrom 19.30 on Wednesday 13 January for an online discussion to help spread ideas about this vital area of health quality. We will be discussing:

  • How patient experience feedback / data is being used at the moment?
  • What people are using it for and what they would like to gain from it?
  • What would help people to make better use of patient experience feedback?

If you have any questions or comments then please let us know via @oxprimarycare.  

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